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Arts & crafts materials for rainy days and school projects

Arts & crafts materials for rainy days and school projects

“It needs to be in for Monday” the dreaded words of a child informing you of some such project, given as homework at least a week ago, that has only just come to the forefront of their mind in a sudden moment of crystalline clarity. But you do not have the correct colours to hand to match the heraldry of Harold Godwinson, for a cardboard Saxon round shield. That will not do at all will it? So how do we avoid such historical inaccuracy? Well being prepared with a little tool box of art materials for emergency homework projects and rainy days is never a bad thing, if you have or will be entertaining children. To that end we have collected a list of the essential arts and crafts materials you might want to keep on hand. The paints, glues and other paraphernalia you might find more difficult to scrounge up on a Sunday afternoon than newspaper, some cardboard or an empty milk bottle.


This is just a small example of the wide variety of arts and crafts materials we have available to help fill your own craft cupboard for those inevitable rainy days.

Paints, Brushes and Palettes

ARTdiscount Acrylic Paint 500ml Bottles
This high quality acrylic paint comes in a wide selection of bright and bold colours. Each has superb coverage and can be diluted to achieve a more wash like effect. Water resistant when dry and non-toxic, these paints are perfect for larger crafting projects such as painting a globe for geography or a shield for a history project. Make sure to clean the brushes with soap and water afterward as acrylic paint is tough to remove once it dries.

Docraft Artiste Multi-Surface Acrylic Paint 59ml
A craft acrylic paint that dries with a matt finish that comes in a huge variety of colours including pastel shade and shimmering metallic colours. Much like ARTdiscount acrylic they are non toxic, water resistant and washable with soap and water. They apply fantastically over paper mache and unglazed ceramics making them a great choice for painting plant pots and stones. Apply them in 2 coats if the colour seems a little splotchy.

ARTdiscount Artists Acrylic Brushes 
Our own range of synthetic bristle brushes for acrylic paints. They come in round, flat and filbert and all in a variety sizes to cover most painting situations. The synthetic bristles will stand up to a good amount of wear and tear from young hands and they will handle paint, glue and varnish just fine.

Jakar Chubby Brush Set
A set of 4 thick handled brushes with broad tips for young children. These brushes are designed for ease of use by younger children. They are well suited for poster paints and acrylic, as well as PVA glue. Wash after use with water and soap.

Jakar Sponge Brushes
A pack which contains an assortment of sponge brushes, brushes with a sponge instead of bristles. These brushes are brilliant for stamping, stippling and creating a variety of interesting patterns. Best used with acrylic and watercolour paint, wash with soap and water.

Plastic Daisy Palette
When painting with younger children it is useful to have a palette close to hand. This plastic palette has a flower shaped design and features seven wells for paint, six “petals” and one central. Having a palette lets you cut down on mess and paint waste. Very useful for groups or workshops where you might need to keep a keener eye how much you are using.
They are also useful for using other materials like glitter and glue whilst still keeping a table tidy.


Jakar sponge brushes, perfect for paint and glue.

Glues and Glitters

Brian Clegg Black Label PVA Medium
PVA glue is the backbone of many craft projects and Brian Clegg’s black label provides a strong, flexible adhesive which dries to a clear finish. PVA is a versatile medium which can be used in a variety of ways, thinned to make a seal for colleague projects and jigsaws or as a base for things like PVA slime. PVA will stick most porous surfaces such as wood, textiles and paper together and washes out when wet with soap and water but dries with a water resistant finish. Available in 180ml, 600ml, 1000ml and 5ltr.

Mod Podge
A highly versatile crafting PVA medium that comes in three finishes: Matt, Satin and Gloss. Mod Podge is an adhesive and sealer which can be varnished for additional protection, sanded for extra smooth finishes or be layered to create a textured effect. Being non-toxic it is safe for children's craft projects and much like standard PVA glue can be cleaned with soap and water whilst wet. Mod Podge is the go to medium for collage and decoupage projects. Available in 236ml (8 fl oz) and 473ml (16 fl oz) pots.

UHU Glue Pen
This glue pen applicator is a convenient cross between a traditional gluestick and stronger fluid adhesive. The broad mesh tipped head of the UHU glue pen allows for broad application of a solvent free, clear drying glue to porous materials like paper and fabric quickly and cleanly. The amount of glue is controlled by how firmly the pen is squeezed.

UHU Glitter Glue Pens
A set of clear glue pens loaded with brightly coloured glitter which are great for crafts and card making. They will stick to paper, wood, stone and unglazed ceramics like plant pots. We recommend giving them a coat of watered down PVA to give them some extra hold if they are being used on projects that will be left outside.

Large Glitter Pots 250g
These large pots contain fine glitter flakes in a selection of bright metallic colours as well as a mixed pot for a dazzling multicoloured effect. The best way to use glitter is to apply an adhesive to an area of the piece that is being worked on and then to sprinkle glitter onto that area, waiting a few moments to ensure a good bond and then shaking off the excess glitter over a container so the excess can be reused.


Black Label PVA comes in a size that suits any requirement, whilst Mod Podge features 2 pot sizes and 3 finishes. The UHU Glue Pen will fit snugly in a pencil case.

Paper, Clays and Mod Roc

ARTdiscount All Media Paper 100gsm
Paper is a must have materials for nearly all arts and crafts and having it in ample supply is even more useful. This all media cartridge paper is a sturdy 100gsm and will stand up to pencils, pastels, chalks and even light painting and inks. Available in 250 sheet reams they are well suited for the classroom or the crafts cupboard.

Frisk Kids Paper Pads
Frisk produces a range of mixed media paper pads for children’s arts and crafts projects. They offer pads suited for drawing, acrylic, watercolour and mixed media purposes.

  • Drawing paper has a slightly “toothed” surface so it takes pencils, pastels, crayons and chalks well.
  • Mixed media stands up to a little bit of everything and is the best choice if you intend to use pens, pencils, glues, glitter and paints all in on project.
  • Acrylic paper is the best for thick paints, like acrylic but also poster paints as well.
  • Watercolour paper has been treated to not weaken when it gets soaked through and is the best for watercolour and inks, a good choice for marbling projects too.

Das Modelling Material & Newclay Light Grey Air Drying Clay
Newclay and DAS are air drying clay which can be cleaned up with soap and water. Because it is air drying there is no need to use an oven to harden it. Clay projects can be a good weekend project as the clay will dry overnight and be ready for further decoration the following day. Acrylic paints like Decoart Artiste are perfect for painting on dried clay.

Staedtler Soft Fimo Blocks
This polymer oven baking clay is a great modelling material for all manner of craft projects. Great for making animals, creatures and decorations, which can be drilled through and put on strings or attached to clips and hooks for hanging on things. Fimo should be kneaded by hand till it is softened after which it is easy to shape and work with. 
Adult supervision is recommended when working with this material and essential when helping smaller children with a hot oven. 

Plaster impregnated bandages, the same kind doctors use to mend broken bones. A roll of modroc just needs a bowl of water and a pair of scissors to make effective use of this powerful modelling material. Modroc dries in less time than paper mache and is stronger once it has dried. Avoid rewetting it as this will reactivate the plaster and cause it to become soft and malleable again. Paint dried modroc with acrylic paint or poster paint.


Clays are great for sculpting projects and mod roc is a highly effective and lightweight modelling material too, between the two of them you can make pretty much whatever you can think of.

Ben Platt
Ben Platt

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PM Plaster Craft
PM Plaster Craft

April 30, 2024

This blog post offers a treasure trove of ideas for rainy days and school projects! From paints to papers, it’s a one-stop shop for creative inspiration. I especially love the emphasis on affordability without sacrificing quality. Perfect for sparking imagination and keeping young minds engaged all year round!

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