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Arches Aquarelle Watercolour Block - 300gsm

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A high quality 100% rag watercolour paper.

Possessing a natural whiteness with very high conservation qualities and a neutral pH. Available in a variety of sized blocks. Working on a block means no time wasted  stretching paper. The quality of Arches papers enables you to work in watercolour, gouache, inks and acrylics.

Available in Hot Pressed, NOT and ROUGH, it is gelatine-sized, air-dried and mould-made. Ideal for watercolours, wet-on-wet and dry-brush techniques and allows corrections to be made easily. When dry, the Hot Pressed paper can be sanded and scraped with a scalpel to remove stubborn mistakes!

Weight 140lb (300gms) 20 Sheets. Glued 4 sides.