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Paints & Brushes


At ARTdiscount we sell a wide range of different watercolour brands like Winsor & Newton, Sennelier, Daler-Rowney.
Watercolour paint is available in pans and tubes which makes it easy to travel with. Watercolour is often seen as being the simplest paint to use as it can be adapted and layered. It is fast drying yet re-wettable; with its fantastic vibrancy and colour range it’s easy to understand it’s popularity.


Oil paint is made up of finely ground pigments with linseed oil often added. Oil paints differ from brand to brand, some providing a deeper colour or thickness. A pro and con of oil paint is that it dries slowly, although this is commonly seen as a negative, this aspect allows you to build colour and change your painting without making a mess. We also sell products that will allow you to thin your paint, allowing it to glide across surfaces more easily. Turpentine and Zest-It are the perfect Oil colour companions, along with mediums. Oil sticks and Water-mixable oils are an option too!

"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time"


Made from pigment and acrylic resin, acrylic paint is the most popular choice for artists and has been around the longest. There is a vast array of acrylic types available, resins change in thickness explaining why we have heavy body acrylics available as well. Acrylic shades dry darker and can be customised to your desired shade, by mixing in other colours or adding white to create a lighter colour. At ARTdiscount we also sell acrylic mediums which you can mix with your paint to get your desired paint texture.


Paint brushes can be used to spread various mediums across multiple different surfaces. From synthetic to Sable, ARTdiscount has them all.Paint brushes are usually made by clamping bristles to a handle using a ferrule, this holds the bristles in place and allows you to glide your brush across paper without losing bristles or ruining your gorgeous painting. Thinner brushes are often used for details and the larger, thicker brushes are used for covering wider areas. Brushes are created for different paint types, so that the paint can sit on the appropriate bristle. For example, Sable brushes hold their exceptional shape and long point. Sable is popular within Watercolour artists because of their absorption capability and quality of hair.