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Winsor & Newton Professional Acrylic Gesso

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Winsor & Newton Artists Acrylic Gesso can be used straight from the pot; dilution is not recommended.

White Gesso is made from the highest quality acrylic resin. It has a superior level of pigmentation to give maximum covering power, so one coat is usually enough. However we recommend using two coats for unprimed canvases when used with oil colour. 
It is fast drying and opaque with a good tooth.

Unpigmented Gesso is a resinous surface preparation which provides excellent tooth but dries completely clear, therefore it doesn't change the original appearance of your ground. If you want to start your work from a coloured ground, you can make your own tinted gesso primers by the addition of acrylic colours. We recommend using up to 1 part Artists' Acrylic colour with 4 parts Clear Gesso, and opaque colours will give a better result.

It is fast drying and provides a balanced absorbency. It dries to a flexible ground suitable for acrylic, oil, alkyd, pastel and charcoal