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Winsor & Newton Artists Water Colour Sable Brushes Round

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Winsor & Newton Artists Water Colour Sable Brushes Round

The new Artists Water Colour Sable brushes have been made to the highest traditional standards. Using the finest raw materials of quality Kolinski sable hair, Birchwood handles and seamless nickel ferrules, they are all put together by hand to give a truly excellent water colour brush.

The range has been created based upon the most popular and useful brush shapes for water colour painting all with a sculptured handle with a matt finish for the ultimate in comfort whilst painting.

With 30 brushes in total ranging from sizes 00 - 12 it is easy for the artist to select the correct water colour sable brush for their painting needs.

Round - The most popular round bellied water colour brush . Excellent for washes as well as detail work. 12 sizes from 00 to 12.

Prices shown are per single brush only