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Derwent Graphitint Pencils - Assorted Sets

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Derwent Graphitint is a range of water-soluble graphite pencils. The range consists of 24 fabulous colour tints, all with strips made exclusively from our superior quality graphite. These pencils combine the drama and creativity of graphite with a hint of soft, subtle colour (in effect 24 different variations of graphite)

A round 8mm diameter pencil with a 4mm strip that has the same physical properties as an 8B Watersoluble Sketching Pencil with the added versatility of coloured pigment.

Available in 24 or 12 fabulous colour tints from soft greys, blues and greens to glowing russets, plums and browns.

Used dry, Graphitint offers the merest suggestion of colour; add water and the colour becomes more vibrant.