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Caran d'Ache 80 Prismalo Pencils Wooden Box

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An extensive set of 80 water-soluble Prismalo pencils contained in an attractive Mahogany-coloured box. Prismalo pencils are preferred by artists and creative professionals, architects, graphic designers and illustrators around the world.

Contains 80 water-soluble coloured pencils with fine and hard, extremely break-resistant lead with a diameter of 2.95mm for precise, detailed drawing. Enclosed in a hexagonal body manufactured from FSC certified cedar wood with colour number indicated. Extraordinary lightfastness and a high pigment concentration.

These water-soluble coloured pencils are ideal for artists and illustrators.The water soluble leads are fine and hard for precise, detailed drawing; they are extremely break resistant with a lead diameter of 3mm, and have extraordinary lightfastness.

Fantastic for Watercolour, wash drawing, hatching, shading, as well as mixed media techniques combined with PABLO® permanent pencilsNEOCOLOR® pastels and gouache.

The box set is beautifully made with superior quality birch and beech with a protective varnish. A dark mahogany colour with a gold colour silkscreen (inside and outside) and golden fastenings.

Dimensions: 37.7 x 34.5 x 4.8 cm. 2 trays, each containing 40 pencils.