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Uni Posca Marker Pen Set of 54

This extensive assorted set contains 54 POSCA markers in a sturdy, easy-to-carry zip case. 

The set includes:

  • PC-1M Extra-Fine Tip: Black, Red, Yellow, Gold, Silver, and White
  • PC-3M Fine Tip: Black, Navy Blue, Dark Brown, Khaki Green, Grey, Violet, Lilac, Sky Blue, Light Blue, Dark Red, Fuchsia, Pink, Light Pink, Orange, Yellow, Ivory, and White
  • PC-5M Medium Tip: Gold, Silver, Red, Pink, Red Wine, Violet, Blue, Sky Blue, Light Blue, Emerald Green, Aqua Green, Orange, Coral Pink, Light Pink, Light Orange, Yellow, Beige, and White
  • PC-7M Bold Tip: Black, Grey, Light Blue, Light Green, Orange, and White
  • PC-8K Broad Tip: Violet, Red, Pink, Light Green, Yellow, White

Uni Posca Markers are multi-use paint markers available in a range of colours and nib sizes. They contain water-based pigment ink. They are lightfast, water-resistant and are perfect for almost any surface.