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Isomars Cutter Craft Knife - Jumbo

The Isomars Snap-Off Cutter is a popular choice for craft projects, such as paper cutting. The blade is pre-scored at regular intervals, and when blunted you can simply snap the top part of the blade to reveal fresh, sharp edge. The blade can be retracted when not in use so that it can be safely stored.

Product Information

  • Heavy duty safety knife.
  • Fully retractable.
  • 22mm blade.
  • Rust resistant blades.
  • Comes with 1 Blade Holder (assorted colours) and 1 Blade.
  • Ideal for precision cutting, mat cutting, carving etc.
Please be aware that the colours may vary, and you may receive the product in a different colour than what is displayed.
    Please Note: Due to Royal Mail regulations regarding bladed items, this item cannot be sent by Royal Mail. We may contact you regarding additional delivery charges if Royal Mail is selected as courier.