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Amsterdam Acrylic Paint Metallic Set 6 x 20ml

Your choice for colour. These metallic colours offer you great variety in colour and a brilliant shine. The Amsterdam Standard Series gives you the broadest range of brilliant, pure colours - all skilfully made based on 100% acrylic emulsion and high quality pigments. Enjoy great lightfastness and a variety of opacities. Thinnable with water and waterproof when dry. Adheres to virtually any slightly porous surface, including canvas, paper, cardboard, wood, stone and cement.

Fast drying, waterproof and virtually odourless. Based on 100% acrylic emulsion and high quality pigments

This set contains six shades including:

  • 800 - Silver
  • 802 - Light Gold
  • 803 - Deep Gold
  • 805 - Copper
  • 811 - Bronze
  • 840 - Graphite

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