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Staedtler Pigment Arts Multi Ink Brush Pens - Basic Colours - Set of 24

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A set of 24 high quality fibre-tip pens with brush nibs. Staedtler's innovative Multi Ink pigments are brilliant in colour, quick drying, and offer great lightfastness, meaning that once colours are dry they retain their vibrancy for a very long time. Their stable brush nibs make them incredibly easy to control and allow for a great variety of line widths, offering great opportunity for expressive inking styles. This set offers an extended collection of basic colours, great for artists who wish to colour with more variety and subtlety than just the essentials.

Multi Ink is fantastic for overpainting, as its quick-drying, bleed-proof, and water-resistant nature ensures that you won't smudge your artwork. It maintains its colour fidelity on a wide range of surfaces, such as photo paper and wood, even after long exposure to light. Similarly, it is also erase-proof on most surfaces and, since it is water-based, it is a low odour ink. 

These pens are great allrounders for a wide variety of techniques, such as illustration, manga and comic art, brush lettering, colouring, and it is particularly suited for mixed media techniques.

Product Details:

  • High-quality fibre-tip pens with brush nib and the innovative Multi Ink
  • Multi Ink: premium pigments, extreme lightfastness, exceptional colour brilliance, smudge-free overpainting once the ink has dried, no ghosting, no bleeding, for almost all surfaces, permanent, waterproof
  • Lightfastness of each colour classified in accordance with blue wool scale and grey scale (DIN EN ISO 105-B01, DIN 16525, DIN EN 20105-A02)
  • The ideal allrounder for brush letterings, drawings, manga, illustrations or colouring
  • PP barrel and cap guarantee long service life
  • Housing made of 97% recycled plastic

 Yellow - 1

Pastel Yellow - 105

Red - 2

Magenta - 20

Light Rosé - 21

Bordeaux - 23

Blue - 3

Light Blue - 30

Turquoise - 35

Indigo Blue - 36

Orange - 4

Light Peach - 431

Green - 5

Willow Green - 51

Violet - 6

Red Violet - 61

Lavender Light - 620

Sienna Raw - 730

Brown - 76

Umber - 790

Cool Grey Medium - 87

Cool Grey Dark - 871

Light Black - 90

Intense Black - 99