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Pentel Pigment Brush Sign Pen - Set of 5

This set of five beautiful pens from Pentel feature slightly flexible brush-like tips with pigment ink. They're perfect for hand lettering, calligraphy, illustrations, and journaling. 

Their brush-like tips allow artists to create expressive, varying line widths, perfect for guiding the eye, adding depth to your illustrations, and creating an interesting visual contrast. 

This set of five contains 3x Black Pens, 1x Grey Pen, and 1 Sepia Pen.

Product Details

  • New Pigment Ink.
  • Available in Black, Grey & Sepia.
  • Beautiful pen with slightly flexible brush-like tip and pigment ink
  • Perfect for hand lettering, modern calligraphy, illustrations and journaling
  • Acid-free pigment (permanent) ink