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Derwent Precision Mechanical Pencil Set - HB 0.5

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Derwent Precision Mechanical Pencils have a premium full metal body, perfect for maintaining grip and balance whilst creating ultra-fine line drawings.

Rigorously tested to ensure the highest tensile strength along with a strong point for extended use and minimal breaking.

Features retractable pocket-safe nib, concealed push-button eraser and metal pocket clip. If you're running low on lead, you can purchase Derwent Precision Mechanical Pencil lead refills.

Also available in a 0.7mm barrel.


  • 1 Mechanical Pencil
  • 15 0.5 HB Leads
  • 3 Erasers

Product Information:

  • Suitable for 0.5mm leads
  • Slim, lightweight metal barrel
  • Up to 5 replacements can be placed into the pencil barrel at once
  • Built in eraser under the push button cap
  • Retractable thin lead sleeve and metal pocket clip