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Pebeo Colorex Watercolour Ink Essential Colours - Set of 12 x 20ml

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Pebeo Colorex is a transparent, dye-based, watercolour ink that offers extremely bright colours with a velvety finish. They can be applied pure to create very vivid artwork, or diluted with water for more subtle tones.

They're ideal for illustration, design, comics, manga, bullet journaling, and calligraphy. 

You can use them with brushes, airbrushes, quills, or as a refill for Pebeo Colorex Markers.

Colours Included: Light Yellow, Orange, Turkish Red, Carmine, Violet, Ultramarine Blue, Spring Green, Pink Beige, Raw Sienna, Payne's Grey, White, and Ivory Black.

Please note: colours may vary.