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SKU: S12-132518-120


Sennelier 120 Oil Pastel Wooden Box Set

This luxurious box from Sennelier contains an extensive collection of 120 artist quality Oil Pastels. Developed at the request of Pablo Picasso by Henri Sennelier, these pastels offer intense colours and are perfect for use on a wide variety of surfaces.

Sennelier's pastels have a vibrant pigmentation, offering a creamy texture and impressive coverage. They're 100% lightfast, and, thanks to their combination of non-aggressive oils and waxes, and be applied on nearly all surfaces without cracking or affecting the substrate. These pastels blend beautifully for  vibrant, bold artwork.

The 120 colours featured in this box are of standard stick size, and fit neatly into the foam lining within the wooden box, offering them protection when not in use.

Product Details:

  • 120 Oil Pastels.
  • 100% lightfast.
  • Non-aggressive oils and waxes allow for application on almost any surface.
  • Foam lining within the wooden box for protection.

Please Note: This item can only be delivered to UK mainland addresses.