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Sennelier Rive Gauche Wooden Box Set - Fast Drying Oils - 12 x 40ml & Accessories

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Whilst retaining the key characteristics of oil painting, Rive Gauche Fine Oils dry twice as fast as classic oils. The outcome of this is a shortened drying time that does not restrict an artists possibilities of working with fresh paint.

Less Safflower oil is used to make the Rive Gauche Oil Colours. It is characterised by its low level of yellowing (50% less than linseed oil) and its excellent compatibility with pigments. This means colours mix cleanly and do not dilute as heavily when thinned with medium, mineral spirit or turpentine. 

This wooden box set offers a range of key colours for all kinds of observational painting as well as a selection of brushes, mediums and a wooden palette.


  • Wooden Box with a carry handle.
  • 100ml bottle of oil paint thinner
  • 100ml bottle of liquid painting medium
  • 2 Raphäel hog bristle oil brushes, size 4 flat and size 4 round.
  • 12 x 40ml tubes + accessories
116 - Titanium White 574 - Primary Yellow
543 - Cadmium Yellow Deep hue 674 - Vermilion
686 - Primary Red 917 - Dioxazine Purple
312 - Ultramarine Blue Light 385 - Primary Blue
819 - Sap Green 252 - Yellow Ochre
211 - Burnt Sienna 755 - Ivory Black