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Sennelier Aqua Mini Watercolour Set - 8 Half Pans & Travel Brush

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A watercolour tailored to the needs of today's artists.

Sennelier Aqua Mini Watercolour Set is the perfect pocket-sized companion for the travelling watercolour artist. Featuring 8 half pans in a metal travelling tin with a half-sized brush, this set gives you access to a complete and robust palette of colours anywhere, anytime. Perfect for use when painting en plein air.

We suggest using this set alongside a watercolour sketchbook or watercolour block, and a waterbrush for convenient access to your watercolours whenever you need it.

  • 8 x  Sennelier Artists quality half pans
  • Travel brush
  • Metal tin with plastic mixing area
  • Contents value over £40.00

Colours included: Primary Yellow - French Vermilion - Cinereous Blue - Phthalo Green Light - French Ultramarine - Sap Green - Burnt Umber - Payne’s Grey

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