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SKU: MON-05-T5100


Montana - Acetone / Cap Cleaner T5100 - 400ml

Montana ACETONE Spray also known as CAP CLEANER is a universal thinner and cleaning agent. It is transparent in colour. Removes residues of paint, lacquer, silicone, wax and tar. Can be used for de-greasing. It is suitable for pre-treatment before painting objects or to remove paint residues after painting.

Suitable for cleaning caps, brushes and air brush

Used as Cap Cleaner - put used nozzles on the ACETONE can and clean by spraying.

Acetone spray/cap cleaner removes residues of paint and lacquer easily.

Can be used on porcelain, glass, ceramics, blank metals and others. Evaporates quickly without leaving residues. Non-corrosive.

Acetone dissolves and removes lacquers quickly and thoroughlt

Always test spray on a non-visible area to check for any reactions to lacquer or paint, especially when used on plastic grounds as it may etch synthetic surfaces.

ACETONE offers a great variety of applications and can also be used as thinner for effects.

Acetone/ Cap Cleaner

Can be used as a thinner for decorative effects.

Warning: Always test for unwanted reactions before applying to final artworks.