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Montana Spray Caps/Nozzles


Montana Level Cap System

Caps designed for use with Montana-style cans. These caps have a male connection stem.

Regardless of if you’re a graffiti artist, urban artist, studio artist, DIY enthusiast, or just making an arts and craft project, Montana has the cap for you. The Level Cap system progresses from smallest to largest possible output, starting from Level 1 (the skinniest), to Level 6 (the fattest).

The spray width changes with the used distance to the object. For skinnier lines, spray from a closer distance. For fatter lines, spray from a further distance.

Level 1 - Ultra skinny - average spray width 4-15mm

Now cleaner and thinner than before! The Level 1 Cap is a ultra skinny cap, for an extra fine average spray width ranging from 0.4 -1.5cm.

Level 2 - Fine skinny - average spray width 6-25mm

The Level 2 Cap is fine skinny cap, for a fine average spray width from 0.6 - 2.5cm (0.25“ to 1“).

Level 3 - Skinny - average spray width 10-40mm

The Level 3 Cap is a soft skinny cap, for a medium average spray width from 1 - 4cm (0.4“ to 1.6“).

Level 4 - Soft Fat - average spray width 3-10cm

The Level 4 Cap is a soft fat cap, for an average spray width from 3 -10cm (1.2“ to 4“).

Level 5 - Fat - average spray width 4-15cm

The Level 5 Cap is wide fat cap, for an average spray width from 4 -15cm (1.6“ to 6“).

Level 6 - Ultra Fat - average spray width 5-25cm

The Level 6 Cap is an ultra wide fat cap, for an ultra wide average spray width from 5 - 25cm (2.0“ to 10“).