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Montana Spray Paint Caps Set of 6 Level 1-6

The complete Level Cap system was developed by Montana Cans to compliment the exceptional characteristics of the low pressure, Montana GOLD.

Regardless of if you’re a graffiti artist, urban artist, studio artist, DIY enthusiast or just making an arts and craft project, this Montana Cap Pack has a cap for all occasions. The Level Cap system progresses from smallest to largest possible output, starting from Level 1 (the skinniest), to Level 6 (the fattest).

The Level Cap set includes: Level 1 Cap (Ultra Skinny), Level 2 Cap (Fine Skinny Cap), Level 3 (Soft Skinny Cap), Level 4 (Soft Fat Cap), Level 5 (Wide Fat Cap) and the Level 6 (Ultra Wide Fat Cap).

Identifying the skinny from the fat caps is easy, with the Level 1-3 skinny caps being in the banana formed cap body. The fat caps Level 4-6 being in the round-formed cap body. Both forms being optimised for their spray output and comfort during use. Each cap fits female valve cans, making them also possible to use with Montana BLACK and Montana WHITE cans.