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Pebeo Gedeo Crystal Resin - 300ml Set

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This two-component resin allows you to obtain professional results while being easy to use, whether you are an experienced artist or a passionate beginner. The two components of the resin mix easily and offer great fluidity, making application easy and guaranteeing impeccable results.

Whether you want to create jewellery, decorative objects, or artistic elements, this resin set is ideal. It integrates perfectly into your artistic projects, allowing you to combine resin with other materials such as paint, pigments, glitter and much more.

Gedeo Crystal Resin imitates glass paste; it is solid and transparent when dry.

For moulding decorative objects, transparent blocks and shapes, it will also encapsulate items up to 5cm thick.

Drying time : 24 hours.


  • 200ml Resin
  • 100ml Hardener
  • Protective gloves
  • 2x Measures
  • 2x Mixers
  • 1x User Guide