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Faber Castell Fine Pitt Brush Pen Sets of 8

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Excellent for for sketching, cartooning, and drawing. The acid-free, archival ink is smudge proof, waterproof, and won't bleed through paper.
There are 2 sets of 8 available:

Faber Castell 8 Pitt Artist Pen Set Black

  • Pigmented India ink / Maximum Lightfastness / Waterproof, permanent / Odorless, acid-free.pH neutral / 8 nib widths XS, S, F, M, B(brush), SB(soft brush), SC(soft chisel), 1.5mm (bullet nib)

Faber-Castell 8 PITT Artist Pen - MANGA Set

  • A set of 8 pens suitable for Manga drawing  / Containing: 6 assorted greys brush pens  / 1 Medium tipped black pen  / 1 Super fine black pen 

General Features:

  • Maximum light-fastness  / Pigmented drawing ink  / Waterproof  / Acid-free / ph neutral

For best results we recommend using with illustration paper and bristol board.