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Liquitex Paint Marker Set 6 x 2mm VIBRANT Colours

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A set of 6 x 2mm Liquitex Professional Paint Markers in Vibrant colours. These Paint Markers have a 2mm fine chisel nib that produces a varying line width of 2 – 4mm. They are ideal for sketching and outlining and precise fine detail work.

Liquitex Paint Markers are water-based Acrylic Marker Pens for artists, formulated using artist grade pigments. They are lightfast, durable & permanent.

You can use Liquitex Paint Markers on a wide range of surfaces including primed canvas, wood, card & board, metal, glass, masonry, etc. They are suitable for interior and exterior use.

Contains the following Vibrant colours of Liquitex 2mm Paint Markers:

    • 0159 Cadmium Yellow Light Hue
    • 0720 Cadmium Orange Hue
    • 0500 Medium Magenta
    • 0590 Brilliant Purple
    • 0770 Light Blue Permanent
    • 0740 Vivid Lime Green 

The nibs can be replaced & single colours are also available. Shake the pens well before use.