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Magic Color Starter Set - 8 x 28ml

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Magic Color Liquid Acrylic colours have been selected by artists and illustrators for their versatility and ease of use.

The vibrant range offers an unlimited palette of colour for brush, pen or airbrush. Waterproof when dry, these colours can be used straight from the bottle or diluted for more pastel effects and build layer upon layer to change mood, increase depth or change the colour completely.

We recommend trying mixed media artboard or watercolour paper with these inks.

Available individually in 24 colours in 28ml jars with pipette.

  • A range of vibrant acrylic colours which can be used with brush, airbrush and technical pen. 
  • Non clogging Pigmented Water Resistant Fade Resistant Waterproof when dry 
  • This set contains 8 x 28ml assorted and intermixable colours.