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Derwent Precision Mechanical Pencil Refill Set - 0.7 (HB & 2B)

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These refill sets are a handy addition to the Derwent Precision Mechanical 0.7mm Pencil. Refill sets contain 15 HB and 15 2B replacement leads for the 0.7mm pencil barrel, plus three replacement erasers.

The graphite leads have a strong point for extended use and minimal breaking. Up to five leads can be placed into the pencil barrel at one time. The smooth laydown of graphite makes the pencil perfect for fine detail and cross hatching techniques.

Includes -

  • HB 0.7mm refill box with 15 HB leads
  • 2B 0.7mm refill box with 15 2B leads
  • 3 x replacement erasers.