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Golden Soft Gel Gloss - 3.78L

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Golden Soft Gel Gloss is a 100% acrylic medium ideal for extending colours, altering sheen, increasing transluency and adhering collages. Use alone or blend with acrylic mediums, colours and water.

Soft body, clear-drying acrylic medium. Soft gels are thinner than Heavy Body Colours. Mix with acrylic colours to produce a brilliant glaze. Soft gels can be used as a base for wet blending or as an adhesive for collage.

It can be used for adhering collage materials and textures — such as coffee grounds, sand, dried leaves, tissue paper, and other items — safely and permanently to a canvas or board. Think of it as a clear "glue."

It is also what Golden recommends acrylic artists use to safely SEAL their finished paintings and permanently protect them against dust, dirt, and the effects of time. UV-protective varnish then goes on top. It's a must-have for serious acrylic artists.