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Derwent Sketching Wallet with Sketching Pencils and Accessories

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This Derwent Sketching Wallet provides a versatile selection of high quality sketching media presented in a stylish and practical wallet, perfect for sketching expeditions. This kit provides everything you need — from pencils to a sketchpad — to get draw no matter where you art, great for both experienced artists, or as a gift for budding illustrators.


  • 6 graphic pencils - ideal for initial sketches
  • 2 Water-Soluble Sketching pencils - soft wide core ideal for bold sketches, just add water to bring subtlety to your work
  • 1 Onyx Pencil- darker than 9B
  • 3 Tinted assorted Charcoal pencils- traditional charcoal in a convenient and easy to use pencil
  • 1 Blender pencil- to soften hard edges
  • 1 metal sharpener - ideal for creating the perfect point
  • 1 Plastic eraser- to remove areas of unwanted graphite
  • 1 A5 sketching pad- 30 sheets of 165gsm acid free paper