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SKU: E5420A


ARTessentials Palette Knife Set for Oils and Acrylics - 5 Piece

The set contains 5 different knife shapes with varying thickness, weight & flexibility. They can be used to create stunning painting effects of colour, light, shades & layers.

Each knife is made with a circular knifepoint, smooth edge & has a stainless steel blade. They are specially treated to provide consistent flexibility and durability. All blades are resistant to corrosion from oil and acrylic paints. Easy to clean with cloth or paper towel.

Each knife in the pallet knife set features a blended connection between the handle and the blade with a metal joint.

The handles are made of Zelkova wood. This lightweight wood is comfortable to hold allowing these knives to fit perfectly in your hand.

APPLICATIONS - With these artists palette knifes, artists and painters may paint directly; create texture; produce transparent or matte colour effects on the canvas; smear backgrounds over large areas; modify paintings; mix 

Great for use with our Studio Heavy Body Acrylic Paints. or Oil Paint Set for Artists