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Maped Creativ Plaster Friends - Plaster Characters for Painting - Summer

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Give life to a duo of cute animals: a cat and a dog! Easy and fun activity for kids!

This kit contains everything you need to mould 2 superb plaster figurines. Once the plaster figures are moulded, all you have to do is paint them and play with them. Plaster Friends allows children to develop their creativity, patience and concentration while having fun! A complete manual and artistic activity, combining moulding and painting.

Once the figures are moulded, just wait an hour for them to dry. You can paint them, using the delineated areas to not go outside the lines. Use the Aqua pencil for the details (eyes) and bring your 2 friends to life!

Contains 1 bag of plaster, 1 PET mould, 6 pots of paint, 1 Maped Aqua black pencil, 1 brush, 1 wooden spatula, 1 sand paper. The instructions are included. The cardboard box allows you to store the content after use.