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SKU: GEO-70332


Aristo Geo Board A3 Drawing board + Free Set Square

The ARISTO Geo Board is a professional drawing board for A3 sheets, ideal for technician illustration.
It offers ergonomic operation, high stability, and precise drawing capabilities. The L-shaped parallel drawing rail features 2 scalings, a yellow protractor, and a 2-point guide for smooth gliding and accurate positioning. The "stop-and-go" mechanism with freewheel allows secure fixation of the drawing rail. Non-slip knobs ensure a firm grip on the work surface. The impact-resistant plastic body is reflection-free and stable. The board includes a magnetic clamping rail, sheet clamp, and compass scaling for additional drawing options.
The package includes a transparent rapid set square measuring 17cm. This triangle comes with a handle and ink nubs on the underside. It allows for both direct and indirect measurement of distances and angles, as well as the drawing of horizontal and vertical lines. It is suitable for hatching. The drawing board is securely packed in a durable cardboard case with a handle for convenient storage and transportation.