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Sennelier Pigment Binders - Egg Tempera Binding Medium - 200ml

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This Sennelier Egg Tempera Binding Medium is designed for use with dry pigments to create artist quality colours.

Plain egg yolk, separated from the egg white and yolk outer membrane, is a natural emulsion binder and has been used in artists’ paints since ancient times. In fact, painting with colours made with egg yolk (egg tempera) has a much longer history than oil painting. Most primitive paintings were painted with egg tempera.

Prepared egg yolk contains the same properties as whole egg but in different concentrations. It can be used as either a binder or medium. Alternately, the entire egg, with egg white included, can also be used.

Use egg yolk to make a durable yet delicate water-soluble paint.
Egg yolk binder:
- 1 to 4% in (demineralized) water,

- 1 to 3% preservative. Preservative is an essential ingredient ; if eliminated, the paint will not last. 

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