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MEEDEN Deluxe Crank Adjusting Master Artist Easel - Deep Walnut Finish

MAGNIFICENT Deluxe Crank Adjusting Wooden Easel is a high-quality, versatile easel designed for professional or experienced artists.
The easel is finely handcrafted with European seasoned Beechwood and has a polished Deep Walnut finish, giving it a stunning rich colour. This elegant appearance adds aesthetic value to any studio.

Crank Adjustment: The easel features a super smooth hand crank adjustment system that allows you to quickly and easily lift even heavy canvases by turning the crank. The crank not only adjusts the height of the working area but also controls canvas elevation. It operates silently, ensuring your artwork is secure and presentable.

Adjustable Angle: The easel offers a fully adjustable angle that goes beyond 90 degrees. You can customize the painting angle by adjusting two large brass wing nuts, providing flexibility for various artistic techniques.

Size and Capacity: When fully extended to its height of 98 inches, this easel can accommodate canvases or panels with heights of up to 83 inches. Its heavy-duty H-frame construction and fully adjustable angle make it suitable for larger and heavier media.

Storage: The easel includes a specially designed front art supply compartment and two side storage drawers, providing convenient access to your art supplies and tools.

Mobility: For ease of mobility, the easel is equipped with four 360-degree fully swivel castors and two front locking brakes, ensuring stability while you paint.

Durability: The engineered bracing system, hinges, and brass accessories are built to last a lifetime, even with frequent adjustments.

Please note some self-assembly required. Instructions included.

Click here to download assembly instructions

This easel closely resembles the Mabef M04 Master Artist Studio Easel.