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Walnut Darkening Ink - 42ml

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Tom Norton Walnut Darkening Medium® is not only an ink but can also be used an additive to darken our original walnut drawing ink when a drawing needs that extra “punch”. Some artists will add black India ink to darken the colour of our original Walnut Drawing Ink. This will work but you will sacrifice the unique watercolour characteristics of the ink and lose the ability to lift colour or lighten areas. Adding black India ink also loses the tonality of the beautiful warm walnut colour.

Walnut Darkening Medium® is very heavily pigmented and made with the same binder as the original so it can be mixed with Tom Norton Drawing Ink® without changing its working properties. It can also be used straight from the bottle for a very intense dark brown. Most artists work with it side by side with the original, dipping and double dipping between bottles for a range of light and dark browns.

This warm and deeply toned ink works wonderfully with watercolour paper of any finish.