SKU: GEO-70332 ARTessentials Drawing Art Set (25 Pieces)


Aristo Geo Board A3 Drawing board + Free Set Square - Complimentary ARTessentials Drawing Set (25 Pieces) Normally £5.50

COMPLIMENTARY ARTessentials Drawing Art Set (25 Pieces) Normally £5.50

The ARISTO Geo Board drawing board for sheet format DIN A3 is the professional device among drawing boards and is considered the best basis for training as a technician. ARISTO drawing boards impress with their simple and ergonomic operation, high stability and maximum precision when drawing.
The L-shaped and therefore very stable parallel drawing rail is equipped with 2 scalings, a yellow protractor and the tried and tested 2-point guide. This enables jerk-free gliding and precise positioning. The "stop-and-go" mechanism with freewheel offers the possibility of fixing the drawing rail while drawing. Two guide stops at the lower end of the guide groove prevent the marking rail from accidentally slipping out. The lower graduation on the drawing rail allows drawing up to the edge of the sheet. It is operated using an ergonomically shaped handle.
Drawing accessories such as the ARISTO quick drawing triangle can be placed on the guide bars of the parallel drawing rail. The stable plate body is made of impact-resistant plastic, which is also reflection-free and dimensionally stable. A magnetic clamping rail with a window for checking the sheet stop and an additional sheet clamp ensure that the drawing paper is perfectly fixed. For additional drawing with a compass, the compass scaling allows you to quickly set radii.
Non-slip knobs on the underside of the worktop guarantee a perfect hold on the work surface. The included transparent quick-drawing triangle with hypotenuse 17cm is equipped with a handle and ink nubs on the underside. It enables the direct and indirect measurement of distances and angles as well as the drawing of horizontal and vertical lines and is also ideal for hatching. The drawing board is packed in a sturdy cardboard case with a handle for storage and transport.