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SKU: 2302524 - 2300365 (Derwent Academy Sketching)


Derwent Procolour Wooden Box of 72 - FREE Derwent Academy Sketching Set RRP £16.99

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Derwent Coloursoft Wooden Box Set of 72 Pencils - Includes FREE Derwent Academy Sketching Set (19 Pieces) RRP £16.99

Derwent Procolour Pencils are the perfect combination of a strong point and a smooth laydown. The texture has the covering power of a wax-based pencil but glides like an oil-based pencil. This set comes packed securely within a beautiful, premium-quality maple wood box.

These pencils have exceptionally high lightfastness throughout the range, alongside a strong core which retains a sharp point for fine detail. This core ensures minimal chipping and dusting, keeping work clean and smudge-free. Reproduction print colours are true to the original binders, meaning there is no scan glare when creating professional copies of your work.

Product Information:

    • Strong and smooth richly coloured core
    • Clean, smudge-free finish
    • A texture that is wax but glides like oil
    • Maintains a sharp point for detailed drawing
    • Highly pigmented, with a smooth colour application
    • Available in 72 colours
    • Blends with blending fluid.
    • Applies well over slightly textured surfaces such as cartridge or pastel paper.