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SKU: WT6305


Gumstrip Sealing Tape - 48mm x 35m

Traditional brown paper tape ideal for stretching watercolour paper or as an eco-friendly kraft paper tape for sealing boxes and packages. Size: 48mm x 35 metres

Activate the gum backing with clean water either with a sponge or by fully dipping the tape in the water.

Stretching Watercolour Paper

  • This involves wetting the paper and then affixing it to a rigid surface to prevent it from warping or buckling when it absorbs water during the painting process.
  • The wet paper is then secured to the surface using the wet activated Gumstrip sealing tape, which creates tension as the paper dries.
  • The purpose of using tape in this stretching process is to hold the paper securely in place until it dries, ensuring that it remains taut and flat. After the painting is completely dry, it can be removed from the stretching surface.