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COPIC Ciao Marker 5+1 Grey Tones Set (WARM)

This set of 5 Copic Ciao Markers contains 5 Warm Grey Tones and a Black Fineliner Pen.

Copic Ciao is the inexpensive marker for beginners, students and hobby artists. Suitable for Manga, illustration, and fine art. Equipped with a medium broad and a super brush nib, it can be used for any purpose. Their alcohol-based inks are able to be overlayed, allowing for mixing of colours, and fast-drying, which are ideal for working over prints as they do not smear.  

For best results use with Winsor & Newton Bleedproof Marker pads

Set contains 5 Ciao markers W1, W3, W5, W7, 100 and a Copic Multiliner 0.3mm.