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Maped Creativ Mini Box - 3D Pop-up Aquarium Kit

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Let your child dive into their creativity with this Maped Creativ Mini Box! The ocean floor comes to life by using colouring and glow stickers on this pop up scene.

This set will be sure to get your child's imagination to come to life with its fun and playful depiction of the wonders the deep sea. The kit comes with a set of pre-cut illustrations for your kids to colour with the six provided pencils, alongside a sheet of glow-in-the-dark stickers that will give a delightful atmosphere to the finished scene.

This is a great gift for young children who love to create and explore, inspiring their artistic passions whilst encouraging them to discover more about the wonders of the ocean and the world around them.

Contains – 1 scene to assemble, 6 coloured pencils (blue, yellow, brown, orange, pink and green). 1 sheet of glow stickers (A6 format). 3 in 1 activity: colouring, construction and decoration with stickers. Suitable for ages 4+.