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Maped Creativ Early Age - My First Finger Paints Kit

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Let your child take their steps into creativity Maped Creativ My First Fingerpaints Kit! A unique activity kit to introduce little ones to finger painting. Decorate one half of the animal card then fold the paper to repeat your design on the other half of the animal. 

This activity kit is designed to nurture children's creativity, helping to spark their imagination and introduce them to the art of finger painting. The vibrant and smooth paints are formulated to make it easy for children to create unique, beautiful artwork. The 30ml paint tubes are resealable, allowing for multiple enjoyable painting sessions! 

The cute animal templates are printed ready to become colourful, personalised artworks that kids will love. The animals' shapes will enable your child to develop their hand/eye coordination and explore their creativity in a safe manner.

Contents include: 4 cute animal templates and 3 bright finger paints in purple, orange and yellow. Resealable paints for multiple use.

Suitable for ages 2+.