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Maped Creativ Early Age - My First Collages Kit

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Let your child explore their creativity with the Maped Creativ My First Collages kit! A unique craft kit to introduce collage activities to little ones. Decorate animal cards with strips of paper cut out by the child.

With four cute animal templates and four bright, colourful sticker sheets to cut out, your toddler's creativity can flourish as they create unique masterpieces to display to the whole family. Since the sticker sheets are made with easy-peel adhesives, there's no need to worry about messy glue with this crafting kit.

The rounded safety scissors are designed specially for small hands, ensuring that toddlers have a safe method of cutting out shapes and exploring their creativity. The My First Collages Kit provides a space for your child to develop and enhance their hand-eye coordination and concentration skills in a unique, playful, and creative way. This is a great gift for young children with hours of creative fun.

Contents include: Maped rounded safety scissors, coloured paper and 4x fun animal templates with peelable adhesives.

Suitable for ages 2+.