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Derwent Tinted Charcoal XL Blocks - Individual Colours

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Tinted Charcoal XL Blocks in earthy shades, suitable for large scale art pieces and a range of bold and agile marks, due to the strength and body of the chunky blocks. Each soft, pastel-like Tinted Charcoal XL Block contains a high volume of formula, equivalent to 8 pencils.

Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand. The soft texture of the charcoal delivers smooth smudge effects for broad coverage. As charcoal is naturally water-soluble, small amounts of water can be added to manipulate the texture for interesting effects. This is a versatile format in a range of earthy shades, great for every charcoal artist.

Product Information

  • Rectangular chunky block measuring 60x20x20mm each, equivalent to eight pencils per block
  • Soft texture for smooth smudge effects
  • Use whole, break into pieces or grate into powder for textures and detail
  • Naturally water-soluble so can be used dry and with some water added