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Caran d'Ache 6 Grafwood Artist Graphite Pencils + Metal Box

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Get the most out of all the shades of black.

This set of 6 Grafwood pencils are made from perfectly pure, extra fine graphite and clay. This selection, balanced between soft leads (9B, 7B, 5B, 3B) and hard leads (HB, 2H), enables artists and creative professionals to explore all the shades of black.

Superior quality lead enclosed in a hexagonal casing manufactured from FSC certified cedar wood. Fantastic for sketching, shading, technical illustration, design work, pointillism, hatching, writing, mixed techniques, and more.


  • 9B, 7B, 5B, 3B - Extra fine, soft graphite pencils to allow uniform shading of large areas and a regular, intense stroke
  • HB - Extra-fine graphite for hatching and superimposing
  • 2H - Extra-fine, hard pencil for intense, regular, fine and extra fine lines (technical drawing, scientific illustration, etc.)