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Pilot Parallel Pen - Fountain Pens


The art of calligraphy available to all! The Pilot Parallel Pen is the first fountain pen that allows thick and thin strokes to be created in complete simplicity. The Parallel Pen comes with an IC-P3 cartridge.

Using a unique stainless steel double-blade nib, the Pilot Parallel Pen comes in six different widths, which can be used at angles to create almost any thickness of line you could want. You can also transfer ink from the nib of one Parallel Pen to another, and create attractive graduated lettering that will amaze your friends and make your work look astounding!

The parallel pen comes with black and red ink and is refillable with twelve different ink colours using IC-P3 Cartridges. 

Colour ink cartridges are available here.

Black ink cartridges are available here.

Product Details

  • Elegant and writing comfort thanks to a hyper-resitant steel nib.
  • Refillable with specific Parallel Pen cartridges.
  • Pen with cap.

    FP3-15-SS: 1.5mm nib size gives a 0.1mm line.
    FP3-24-SS: 2.4mm nib size gives a 0.5 to 2.2mm line.
    FP3-38-SS: 3.8mm nib size gives a 0.5 to 3.6mm line.
    FP3-60-SS: 6.0mm nib size gives a 0.5 to 5.7mm line.