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SKU: MIJ-4021


Mijello Multi-Functional Water Bucket - 2 Ltr

This handy, multi-functional water bucket from Mijello is designed to make it easier to clean your brushes. Its handles are grooved to easily hold brushes of various sizes, ensuring they stay in place and are easily accessible whenever you need them.

Two sections in this bucket feature small ridges along the base, which are great for dislodging stubborn pigments from the brush whilst cleaning. The third section is perfect for storing sponges, large brushes, and more. 

With its sturdy, stable, and versatile design, the Mijello Multi-Functional Water Bucket makes brush cleaning a breeze, all while keeping your workspace clean and tidy.

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 180 x 285 x 150mm - 2 LITRE 
  • Easy to Clean Brushes
  • Formed Handle to Hold Brushes
  • 3 Multi-Use Compartments
  • Dedicated Wiping Pad Area

This product features in our Blog "Water Buckets and Brush cleaners"

Please Note: Brush Not Included