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Painting with System3 - C. Evans

Painting with System3 : Techniques and Inspiration for Using Acrylics and Inks by Charles Evans

Paint with best-selling author Charles Evans as he introduces the System3 range of inks and acrylics. System3 is a well-established brand of inks, acrylics and heavy body paints manufactured by Daler-Rowney; it is readily available worldwide, including the US and UK, and is economically priced, making it affordable by students as well as amateur artists. Painting with System3 aims to inspire, instruct and encourage an experimental approach to painting with this versatile range of media, taking it out of the classroom and into the field.

Daler-Rowney ambassador Charles Evans teaches the reader about the variety of products in the range and explores creative and innovative ways of using - and combining - the inks and paints on different supports, including watercolour paper, canvas and wood. As the first book to showcase the properties and versatility of System3 inks and acrylics, Painting with System3 takes a highly practical approach to introducing the potential of the range, with exercises and 13 step-by-step projects to help the reader carry forward the skills they have acquired.

Charles also features his artwork using the media, as further inspiration on what can be achieved with System3.

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