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SKU: BR10-6207


Bob Ross Liquid Base Coats

Liquid White
Liquid Black
Liquid Clear

Unlock the Magic of Seamless Painting

Enhance your painting experience with Bob Ross Liquid Base Coats, specially designed to lay the groundwork for your artistic masterpieces. These base coats, available in White, Black and Clear, are the key to achieving the signature Bob Ross wet-on-wet painting technique with ease. 

These slow drying, fluid base coats create a smooth and receptive surface for subsequent layers of paint, enabling seamless blending and effortless application. Simply apply a thin and even layer onto your prepared canvas using a large brush, ensuring complete coverage and then you are ready to experience the Joy of Painting.

Each Liquid Base Coat is linseed oil base and can be cleaned from brushes with oil paint solvents such as Bob Ross Odourless Thinners.