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SKU: BR10-6240


Bob Ross Base Coat Value Set (4 x 100ml)

This bundle of Bob Ross painting essentials features 4 conveniently sized 100ml bottles of the Liquid White, Black and Clear, along with a bottle of Brush Cleaner and Conditioner.

Liquid white, liquid black and liquid clear are fluid base coat paints developed exclusively for Bob Ross. These slow drying mediums provide a proper foundation for Bob Ross' signature wet-on-wet technique. Oil colours glide across the slick surface and blend smoothly with ease. Apply in a single thin coat to a primed and sealed canvas prior to painting.

Brush Cleaner and Conditioner is just the thing you need to ensure your paint brushes are kept in top condition for future painting sessions. Remove any excess paint from your brushes prior to application. Message a few drops of cleaner into bristles and then rinse thoroughly with odourless thinner, repeat as needed. Blot brush dry and reshape bristles.

Additional usage instructions are available on each product inside.

Contents: Liquid White 100ml, Liquid Black 100ml, Liquid Clear 100ml, Brush Cleaner and Conditioner 100ml