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Isomars Wooden Brush Stand/ Holder


The Isomars Wooden Brush Stand is the perfect organiser for your artistic tools. It is designed to keep your brushes neatly in place, offering both convenience and aesthetics to your workspace. 

The stand features an impressive total of 33 slots, offering a variety of sizes to hold your brushes securely.

Product Information

  • 12 holes with a diameter of 16mm are perfect for larger brushes
  • 15 holes with an 8mm diameter are ideal for your medium-sized brushes.
  • 6 holes with an 11mm diameter for specialty brushes.
  • The stand also includes a large square-shaped hole, measuring 50x50mm, to accommodate unique and oversized brushes.
  • Size: 378mm x 73mm x 73mm

Please note that brushes are not included with this stand.