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SKU: DB-2095-MBF


MEEDEN Artists Supplies Storage Box 6 Drawer - Walnut Finish

This storage box is meticulously crafted from beech wood, featuring a finger-joint structure that combines incredible strength with a stunning walnut hue. The addition of an exquisite metal handle and hand-sanded surfaces transforms this box into a beautiful centrepiece for any home studio.

This box is designed for ultimate convenience. Each drawer is easily removable, allowing you to transport your art materials individually. Moreover, these boxes are stackable, offering a versatile storage solution that maximises space in any setting.

With dimensions of 15.75" x 9.75" x 6.33", this wooden art box provides ample storage for all your creative tools, including pastels, brushes, pens, pencils, blending tools, and small accessories. It serves as an organiser, drawing board, and decorative piece all in one, making it the perfect addition to inspire creativity in your workspace.

Please note that contents are not included.