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GOLDEN Clear Leveling Gel

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Clear Leveling Gel produces an even film with excellent clarity. It has a unique resinous, stringy consistency resulting from its leveling property. The gel dries to a flexible, high gloss film while imparting a leveling quality to other GOLDEN Acrylic products. It blends well with GOLDEN Acrylic colours to produce glazes.

Clear Leveling Gel is formulated with a 100% acrylic polymer dispersion. It has a unique resinous and stringy consistency that dries to a flexible, high gloss film. Milky white when wet, the Gel becomes transparent when dry.

Clear Leveling Gel should neither be poured thickly, nor be used as a replacement for epoxy or other casting resins. It is not a varnish and is not intended as a topcoat.

Clear Leveling Gel can be used to increase the transparency and sheen of acrylic paints while imparting a leveling quality to other GOLDEN Acrylic products. It produces a film with excellent chemical, water, and ultraviolet resistance.

Product application

Mix any quantity of Gel with GOLDEN Acrylic colours, gels or mediums.

To thin, add water or GOLDEN Mediums. For slower drying, add GOLDEN Retarder.

Do not mix with oils. Paint on any non-oily surface. Non-absorbent surfaces should be abraded for increased adhesion. GOLDEN Acrylics dry quickly and may be painted over immediately, yet complete drying will take longer. Avoid freezing of the acrylics. The minimum film formation temperature is 9°C. Clean tools with soap and water. Keep tools wet during use.

Note: Supports commonly used by professional artists, including cotton canvas, linen and hardboard panel, contain varying amounts of water-extractable materials. If the support is not properly sealed, these materials can cause noticeable discoloration in gels, glazes and transparent colors. This effect increases with film thickness. Ordinary acrylic gessos do not prevent Support Induced Discoloration. For optimum clarity and cleanliness when working with gels, first apply two coats of GOLDEN Gloss medium to properly seal the support.